About Us

Particularly with new innovations like crowdfunding, we are in the golden age of charitable giving. The age of social media has ensured that, if you find the right cause at the right time, the public can spread the word for you, creating viral campaigns that result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Of course, as is the case with most things, this is a double-edged sword. When everyone has a voice regarding what that “right cause” and “right time” is, the room can get extremely loud.

It was in this world that Giving-Campaign.com was created. Founder Maxine Walters, with decades of experience in the world of running successful giving campaigns, had worked with dozens of well-meaning organizations which, either as a result of a lack of time, funds, or knowledge, had no idea how to run successful giving campaigns. Unfortunately, failed giving campaigns can often spell the end of these great organizations, and Maxine made it her mission to ensure there were fewer failed giving campaigns as a result of her work.

Over the years, Maxine built her team. This group of equally committed individuals has overseen, organized, and executed on hundreds of successful giving campaigns, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have, in most cases, made little difference to the world at large. It is to this mission that Maxine and her team are committed, so we wanted to introduce you to them.

Maxine Walters – Founder

Maxine Walters worked in corporate America for over twenty years, in most cases in public relations. A major part of her responsibilities in these positions was fundraising, and she quickly gained a reputation for someone who could get it done. She has worked for dozens of organizations, raised millions, and continues to do so through the amazing work she does as the head of Giving-Campaign.com.

David McCloud – Chief Financial Officer

A website dedicated to helping people make money has to make sure it has its financial ducks in a row. David is our duck-keeper. The work he does ensures that we are able to continue doing the work we do.

Cynthia Smuthe – Community Outreach Manager

It is due to Cynthia’s work that we have had the impact we’ve had. Though we are a website, our work requires a lot of personal touches, and Cynthia makes sure that work is accomplished with compassion, understanding, and most of all energy.