Though we are often surrounded by bad news, with pundits and talking heads telling us this or that is going wrong and we’re all about to suffer, there is positivity to celebrate as well. One of these things is that the generous spirit of the American people prevails even in the face of this negativity. In fact, America set a new record for charitable giving in 2015. That was a 4% increase from the last record. This is a great indication that the enduring generosity of the human spirit is not dependent on the world around it, and that, depending on your outlook, is a great thing.

Giving Campaign is a site dedicated to helping people on both sides of successful giving campaigns. There are a lot of questions surrounding giving campaigns, even by the people running them. The difficulty of running a giving campaign is that you start in the red. Companies often have to spend a good amount of money to make a giving campaign fun, interesting, and engaging, so the true challenge is making a profit on a giving campaign event. The strategies for creating a successful giving campaign are often equally common sense and incredibly nuanced, and it takes the efforts of professionals in the discipline to put an event over the top.

Of course, most people will never run a giving campaign, but most of us will see (and hopefully take part in) one. The thing is, there is a lot of misinformation and, unfortunately, scams around giving campaigns. This fact can lead people to avoid giving campaigns, and that’s just something that cannot stand. Giving Campaigns was a site founded on the idea that we needed to do everything we can to ensure the amazing causes behind giving campaigns get every cent they deserve. Therefore, we’ve put together articles and information to help people choose the right giving campaign to support the cause of their choice.

Together, we can make a difference.